What is ArchViz?

ArchViz stands for architectural visualization. It describes the work of taking a design concept and visualizing it in 3D. This way, clients are not only looking at floor plans that were designed by architects, but can get a feeling for whole buildings, houses and rooms that don’t really exist yet in the real world. With the advancements in AR/VR it is even possible to walk through these visualizations in a virtual environment.

What are Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics are a form of animation. It is the art of adding movement to static graphics design. This form of animation is used a lot in TV-Advertisements, Movie-Intros/-Credits and Youtube-Videos.

What is the Animtion Nodes addon?

It is a nodes based visual scripting system designed for motion graphics in Blender. That means it let’s you program object behavior without the need to touch native python code. Predefined nodes are linked in a logical way, which leads to objects moving through 3D space and create an anticipated motion graphics animation.